Heidelberger Schloss: Geschichte, Architektur und Legenden

Heidelberg Castle: History, Architecture and Legends

The majestic Heidelberg Castle rises above the picturesque old town of Heidelberg. The impressive castle ruins with their huge walls and defensive towers tell an exciting story of war, destruction and reconstruction. In this post we invite you to take a unique tour of Heidelberg Castle, one of Heidelberg's main attractions.

History of Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle, where the Electors of the Palatinate resided for more than five centuries, is a place of historical importance. Its roots go back to the 13th century, when it was first mentioned in a document from 1225 as a fief from Bishop Henry of Worms to the Duke and Count Palatine Ludwig I.

Architecture and extensions of the castle

Over the centuries, Heidelberg Castle has been constantly expanded and rebuilt. It was not only a place of splendor and luxury, but also a strong military fortress, protected by thick walls, defensive towers and a deep moat. But despite this defense, it could not prevent the devastating destruction caused by the Thirty Years' War and the War of the Palatinate Succession.

Heidelberg Castle today

Today Heidelberg Castle is a romantic ruin and one of the top attractions in Heidelberg. Particularly impressive are the Gothic Ruprecht Building, the oldest surviving part of the castle, and the magnificent Ottheinrich Building, one of the major works of German Renaissance architecture. Don't forget to visit the Gothic Fountain Hall and the Castle Library when you explore Heidelberg Castle.

The castle at night and the legend of the witch

A highlight is Heidelberg Castle at night, when it shines in an impressive light. This lighting takes place several times a year to commemorate the destruction in the 17th century. Finally, there is a spooky legend to discover: There is a thick iron ring with a noticeable crack hanging on the gate tower. Supposedly a witch tried to bite through the ring and conquer the castle - of course without success!

So it remains to be noted

Heidelberg Castle is an absolute must for every visit to Heidelberg. Its impressive architecture, fascinating history and mysterious legends make it an unforgettable experience. And if you're looking for the perfect souvenir to capture your memories of Heidelberg, check out Mitbringsel aus Heidelberg.

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