Die Kuckucksuhr - Der unerwartete Star eines Friseursalons

The Cuckoo Clock - The unexpected star of a hair salon

One mild morning, as the sun's rays illuminated the magnificent cuckoo clocks in my store, a curious couple entered the store. A woman, with a warm smile on her face and sparkling eyes who clearly had a passion for fine craftsmanship, was holding a small cuckoo clock magnet . She confessed her love for these clocks and how she longed to have such splendor in her home.

But as fate would have it, her pragmatic husband was standing next to her, who saw things a little differently. "Sure, we don't need a cuckoo clock. We're Germans, not Americans or Chinese," he argued with an almost fatherly shake of his head. A piece of everyday drama that made me smile. I told them both that my husband felt the same way. In fact, he could probably lose his mind if I even thought about bringing home one of our cuckoo clocks.

Despite this small difference in opinion, I took the time to show the couple different watches and explain what makes each one so special. I found her enthusiasm for this quintessentially German tradition contagious. After our little tour, they said goodbye and I moved on to other tasks, convinced that I wouldn't see them again.

But fate had other plans. Shortly afterwards the woman reappeared, radiant as never before. She pointed her finger at the gem of the collection – the largest cuckoo clock. “I would like that,” she said and revealed her clever solution to me. She was the proud owner of a hair salon. She could enjoy the cuckoo clock there every day without her husband even hearing a cuckoo sound.

This day was proof that cuckoo clocks can always surprise people. And that you never know where you'll end up finding your perfect spot for your daily ration of cuckoo clock - in this case, in a busy hair salon. There's nothing like a wonderful clock and an ingenious solution to keep peace at home!

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