Collection: Beer mugs from Germany

We offer a large selection of beer mugs, beer mugs and beer glasses from Germany. Some have a classic tin lid, some of which we have made separately. Even if you're looking for beer mugs, you'll find what you're looking for here! We carry steins from King Werke GmbH and Zöller & Born. Our classic motifs show the sights from Germany and of course the most beautiful things from Heidelberg. We offer an even larger selection of beer mugs from Germany in our stores in Heidelberg, but we will also continually expand the range online. Our beer mugs from Germany are:
  • Beer mugs, beer mugs and steins handmade and made in Germany
  • Traditional and known all over the world
  • Available in different sizes: from 0.4 liters to a beer mug (1 liter)
  • An eye-catcher as a decoration and of course can be used to enjoy beer
  • Always a great souvenir from Germany
We also carry unique and one-of-a-kind items. This is always worth a visit for collectors. We can also get jugs - feel free to talk to us! Beer mugs and steins have a long tradition in our shop and are always very popular with tourists and locals alike. Due to our long collaboration with our suppliers, we guarantee top quality and good availability. We can also serve special requests and large orders.