"Treasures of the Rhine": Eine malerische Reise von Amsterdam nach Basel

"Treasures of the Rhine": A scenic journey from Amsterdam to Basel

The Treasures of the Rhine tour offers a fascinating journey along the Rhine, crossing four countries and connecting some of Europe's most charming and historically rich cities. This route takes you from the lively canals of Amsterdam to the cultural highlights of Basel.

From the Netherlands to the heart of Europe

Your journey begins in Amsterdam, a city known for its ornate architecture and vibrant waterways. After visiting iconic sights such as the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum, the journey continues along the Rhine.

Germany's historical treasures on the Rhine

Your route will take you through stunning German cities, each with its own charm and history. You'll experience the Gothic splendor of Cologne and the medieval atmosphere of Koblenz before stopping in the wine town of Rüdesheim to sample the local wines.

A day in Heidelberg: The quintessence of German romanticism

Heidelberg, the highlight of this tour, offers a perfect mix of history and romance. Here are suggestions on how to spend your day in Heidelberg:

Morning: Discovery of Heidelberg Castle
Start your day with a visit to the famous castle, which stands majestically above the old town. The combination of Renaissance architecture and the ruins tells stories from a bygone era.

Lunch on the banks of the Neckar
Enjoy a relaxed lunch in one of the cafés along the Neckar and try regional specialties.

Afternoon: Walk through the old town
Explore the picturesque streets of the Old Town and visit the Old Bridge, which offers spectacular views of the castle and the river.

Souvenirs from Heidelberg
Don't forget to take home a unique souvenir. In our shop you will find everything from handmade castle models to traditional German handicrafts.

Onward journey to Strasbourg and Basel

After Heidelberg, you continue your journey to Strasbourg, known for its impressive cathedral and charming half-timbered houses, followed by a final stop in Basel, where you can explore the city's modern art and vibrant culture. Insider tip: In the Roche Towers you have a magnificent view of the city. All you have to do is register at reception.

(Image source: pixabay)

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