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Mitbringsel aus Heidelberg

Magnet cuckoo clock (with real clock) in different motifs

Magnet cuckoo clock (with real clock) in different motifs

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Always keep an eye on the time

Thanks to the integrated quartz clock, which is powered by a button cell, you always know exactly what time it is. You can read the time by looking at the magnetic cuckoo clock. So you'll never miss an appointment or appointment again!


No matter whether you attach the magnetic cuckoo clock to your refrigerator or place it in the room as a decorative eye-catcher - it is guaranteed to attract attention. Its size of 7 x 14 cm is perfect for any space. And thanks to the handmade workmanship made from high-quality materials, you can be sure that you will enjoy this magnet for a long time.

Different motifs to choose from

Our magnetic cuckoo clock is available in different motifs, so there is something for every taste. No matter whether you prefer Heidelberg as a skyline, the castle or the Old Bridge - we have the right motif for you!

Unique souvenir or gift

Our magnet cuckoo clock with a real clock is not only suitable as a souvenir for Heidelberg fans, but also as a special gift for friends and family. With this gift you are guaranteed to make an impression and show your connection to Heidelberg.

Dimensions: approx. 14 x 7 cm


🕰️ Always keep an eye on the time thanks to the integrated quartz clock
🏠 Versatile for use on the refrigerator or as a decorative eye-catcher
🎨 Various motifs to choose from, suitable for every taste
🎁 Unique souvenir or gift for Heidelberg fans and lovers of original accessories

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