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Zöller & Born

Beer Stein Heidelberg Panorama | rustic | Zöller & Born

Beer Stein Heidelberg Panorama | rustic | Zöller & Born

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The Heidelberg Panorama rustic beer mug from Zöller & Born is a true classic. It is available in different colors and in sizes 0.25L and 0.5L. As a rare variant, we offer the pointed lid made of tin.

Variant beer Stein Heidelberg Panorama in rustic

The rustic beer mug combines the great colors of the yellow/colorful painted version with the beautiful simplicity of the natural mugs. Perkeo (the keeper of the large barrel in Heidelberg Castle) and the large wine barrel are shown on the side. On the front you can see the typical view of Heidelberg including the old bridge (Karl Theodor Bridge) over the Neckar with its impressive bridge gate. Behind it you can see the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Heidelberg Castle high up.

To the manufacturer

Zöller & Born GmbH was founded in 1956 by Alois Zöller and Werner Born and is based in Hillscheid in the Westerwald.
The entire development and production of each individual beer mug model - from the design to the artistic design to the hand-painted version - takes place on site.
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