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Mitbringsel aus Heidelberg

Boot Glass Beer Festival | Heidelberg coat of arms

Boot Glass Beer Festival | Heidelberg coat of arms

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🍺 Popular worldwide as “Beer Boat”
⚜️ Motif “Heidelberg coat of arms”
👣 History of boot glass can be traced back to the Bronze Age
🎉 Perfect for celebrations and events
💪 High-quality workmanship and robust glass
🎥 Notoriety through the movie “Beerfest”


The boot glass is a typically German glass and is now very popular worldwide (as the “Beer Boot”). The boot glass is known from the film “Beerfest”. The glass is available with different motifs and a capacity of 0.25; 0.5 and 1 liter.

Heidelberg coat of arms motif

The motif shows the beautiful Heidelberg coat of arms including an ornament based on Elector Karl Theodors.

The story behind the boot

Drinking cups from the Urnfield cultures in the shape of boots and shoes were discovered at archaeological sites as early as the Bronze Age. Over a century of history and culture have gone into the production of modern beer boots. A traditional story goes that a general promised his soldiers that they would drink beer from his boot if the battle was won. After the army won, the general had a special glass boot made to fulfill his promise without endangering his health. Beer boots are therefore a symbol of camaraderie and success. Beer boots have become increasingly popular in the United States since the release of the film Beerfest in 2006 .

data sheet

product Boot glass with Heidelberg coat of arms
Variations 0.25L; 0.5L; 1 liter
material High quality glass
Country of Manufacture Germany
Manufacturer Müller porcelain
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