Collection: Typical gifts from Heidelberg

Are you looking for typical gifts from Heidelberg? We have them!

With us you will find a variety of gifts, souvenirs and souvenirs for every type of occasion: whether it's a birthday, company event, Christmas present or holiday souvenir - we offer inspiration. Here you will find typical gifts from Heidelberg. Our portfolio of typical gifts from Heidelberg includes:
  • Cuddly toys such as teddy bears in Heidelberg outfits. Our sweet alpacas are also popular, although admittedly not entirely typical for Heidelberg
  • T-shirts and hoodies from the university town of Heidelberg in various colors
  • Cups in beautiful designs and different shapes
  • Batches (patches) for e.g. jeans, jackets and vests
  • Handbags, carrier bags and gym bags in a stylish HD look
  • Snow globes in various designs and metal signs
  • Small items such as hand mirrors and ballpoint pens
Our shops at the Heiliggeistkirche offer an even larger selection of typical gifts from Heidelberg. Feel free to stop by on site!